Te Waotu School Stand Out Features

Special Features of Te Waotu School….

 Our school has an ideal blend of the traditional (we opened in 1886 and celebrated our 125th Jubilee in 2011) and the modern.  An extensive expansion and modernisation programme has been carried out in recent years, over 1.5 million dollars has been spent on new buildings or creating Modern Learning Environments from our older buildings.  Our school receives excellent support from our proud community and we are very well resourced.  This means we are able to provide bright attractive buildings and facilities to cater for the needs of our students.  Here is a list of our special features;

*  Interesting programmes that cover all essential learning areas but maintain a strong emphasis on the basics of numeracy and literacy.

* Our school is an ICT leader with over 80 iPads, 25 mini notes and 20 PC computers connected through high speed fibre to the outside world.  Mobile devices are a vital learning tool in all of our classrooms.  We also have a Bring Your Own Device policy.

*  High expectations of children's in-class and playground behaviour resulting in a physical and verbal violence-free school where children are readily accepted, supported and involved.

*  Excellent parent and community involvement.

*  Warm, positive relationships between children and staff.

*  Early detection of learning difficulties and one-to-one support given where necessary.

*  High standards of work in all classrooms.

*  Seamless education from Year 1 to 8 in a Full Primary environment.

*  Enviroschool programmes that emphasise the importance of care for our environment and that encourage sustainability (we are a silver enviro award school).

* A school of thinkers - we encourage strong, flexible and lifelong thinking skills and habits.